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Design Decisions – Part 3

So, in the last post I had determined that I was going to make the beads for both necklaces and see how they turned out.  Well, this is how they both turned out:

Two Tone Necklace with etched glass beads
Two Tone Version
Three Tone Necklace with etched glass beads
Three Tone Version

I am curious about what other people think of these necklaces, but I have to admit that as soon as I laid the beads out, I knew which necklace I preferred!

Yes, it is the necklace with 3 different colours in it.  I like how that extra colour makes the necklace just that little bit more interesting.  It has a little bit of extra colour, without having too much colour like the original necklaces.

Now, to turn that idea into a production item required one more step in my thinking, and I’ll share that with you tomorrow.