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Drip Bead Necklace – Coopers Ale

Recycled glass bead necklace, I used a Coopers Sparkling Ale bottle to make these beads, and embellished with gold leaf Recycled glass bead necklace - Coopers Sparkling Ale bottle was used to make these beads

Now this is not only a Statement Necklace, but also a Conversation Necklace.  I think I like that term, conversation.  Because that’s exactly what this necklace does, it starts a conversation.  I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Person: “Wow, that’s an amazing necklace.”

Me: “Thank you, it’s actually made from beer bottles!”

Person: “Beer bottles?  What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, I smash up beer bottles, and then make glass beads.  These beads have also been decorated with gold leaf.”

Person: “Oh, that’s incredible, I love it.  Do you use other glass?”

Me: “I can, definitely.”

Person: “Fantastic, I love it.  I have this champagne bottle that I drank at my 50th birthday party, it was a very special bottle, and a very special occasion.  Do you think you could make some beads from that, and a necklace like that for me?”

Me: “Of course I can, it’s what I love to do the most, make special jewellery for people.”

Now, that’s actually the shortened version of a real conversation I recently had with someone, admittedly I was not wearing this exact necklace, but I imagine it could start a similar conversation.  What conversations could you have if you were wearing this necklace?

Person: “Wow, that’s a beautiful necklace.”

You: “Why thank you, I love wearing it, it’s actually made from beer bottles.”

Person: “Beer bottles?”

You: “Yes, the person who made it makes the beads from beer bottles.”

Person: “Oh wow, that’s awesome, and very eco-friendly.  What a cool necklace to wear.  You have excellent taste.”

You: “Thanks.”

(Sorry, that’s a little bit silly, but a necklace like this would definitely be noticed)!