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Gratitude Giveaway 5 – The final giveaway

Thanks for stopping by, it’s been a great week filled with lots of gratitude and giveaways!

Congratulations to everyone who has managed to win something.

Today’s post is a little different.  I have so many businesses/organisations that I am grateful for, so I am going to add 6 of them to my final post, and that will make a nice list of 10.

So, recapping:

1. T’Arts Collective – being part of a collective has helped me to grow as an artist, and also to understand more about being in business.

2. Urban Cow – selling my work in a very successful gift shop/gallery has generated a lot of constructive feedback on my work, helping me to improve.

3. Jam Factory – ensuring my work is of the highest quality.

4. SALA – allowing me to have a solo exhibition every year!

Now, for the new entries:

5. International Society of Glass Beadmakers – being able to attend their annual conference was an amazing experience.

6. Selonj – an awesome bead shop in Adelaide who have always gone out of their way to help me.

7. Rundle Street Markets – gave me an opportunity to get my work in front of lots of people every weekend for several years.

8. Etsy – a trusted platform for selling online, it has enabled me to open my own store.

9. Regional Art Galleries – thank you for stocking my work in your galleries.

10. My family!  I know, not a business or an organisation, but without them supporting me the way they do, I would definitely not be able to do what I do!

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Gratitude Giveaway 4

Question: I am thinking of a letter this time, what do you think it is?

Answer: S

S is for SALA.  SALA stands for South Australian Living Artists.  According to their website: “SALA is an innovative open access visual arts festival presenting thousands of artists through unique collaborations and exhibitions in hundreds of exhibition spaces throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia.”

When I first heard about SALA I thought….oh, I don’t think so, no, not for me….

And then I visited a bunch of exhibitions that were held that year, and I started thinking…maybe next year!

The following year (2008) I just went for it.  Organised a venue, made a lot of beads and a ton of jewellery, and exhibited my work at the Mitcham Civic Centre.  It was my first solo exhibition!

What I love about SALA is that absolutely anyone can have an exhibition.  You can have it in a proper gallery, in a cafe, or anywhere else your heart desires!  I have absolutely loved being part of SALA and have participated every year since my first one.

I am so grateful to SALA for being invented.  Without them I honestly couldn’t tell you where my work would be, as each year the festival pushes me to make new things, push new boundaries, exhibit my work in places I would not normally be able to.

I am already thinking about my 2014 SALA exhibition!

Thanks SALA!


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Grateful Giveaway 3

Question: I’ve picked a number between 1 and 100, guess it correctly to win, and then I’ll tell you why I’ve picked that number.

Answer: 41.  The Jam Factory has been operating for 41 years now!

The Jam Factory is an iconic art destination in Adelaide.  It opened in 1973 in a different location, but now you can find it in Morphett Street in the city.  They also have a retail outlet in Rundle Plaza in the Mall.

In 2009 I entered my SALA exhibition into the Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Awards.  The exhibition was “Anti-Depression Glass” and explored the use of recycled glass to make beads, and jewellery.

I was shortlisted as a finalist, and was so ridiculously nervous on the night of the award ceremony, wondering if I had possibly won the award!  Well, I didn’t win the award, but I did win a meeting with the retail manager who invited me to stock my work in their retail outlet!

I am so very grateful to the Jam Factory for recognising something in my work, and for working with me to ensure my work is of the highest standards for the shop.

Green Depression Glass
Green Depression Glass
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Gratitude Giveaway 2

Question: What was the first collection of AussieJules jewellery that was stocked in Urban Cow Studio?

Answer: My Kandinsky collection!

There’s a great story behind this question.  And it really highlights my gratitude to Urban Cow and the great people who work there.

Urban Cow are a gift shop on Frome Street in Adelaide.  It’s a beautiful gift shop, and again a place where I had dreamed about having my work stocked!  I remember putting it on my wish list one year, and after seeing their call for artists I decided to email them to see if I was suitable.

Georgia invited me in for a “chat” and to look at my work up close.  I took in about 10 assorted “Kandinsky” pieces (necklaces, pendants, earrings), and she agreed to take them all, and straight away.  I was thrilled!  I wrote up an invoice and handed it all over to them.

A week later I saw my work in there, displayed beautifully and I was so proud.  But it didn’t sell.  Georgia assured me that people needed to see it a few times before they would buy it, but it seriously took a couple of months before I sold anything in the shop.  I was disheartened by it all to be honest.

I did sell a few pieces eventually, and I listened to what the team had to say about my work.  What things their customers were suggesting.  Some of it I took on board, and some of it I didn’t, but after a while my jewellery started selling there more regularly.

I am so very grateful to Urban Cow for believing in my work, for giving me honest feedback so I could improve my work, and for continuing to work with me in order to make sure I have my best work in there, and it is displayed beautifully.

Thank you!


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Gratitude Giveaway 1

Question: What is the name of the Adelaide-based business that is run by the artists?

Answer: T’Arts – Textile and Arts Collective

I first met a few T’Arts at the Rundle Street Markets.  They looked at my work, and encouraged me to apply to become a member of the collective.  I had walked past T’Arts many times, been inside on several occasions too, and absolutely loved the gallery/shop.  Secretly I wanted to be part of this!  But I didn’t know that they also wanted me to be a part of it!

Being an artist-run collective it came with some financial and work responsibilities, and I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to make it work.

Luckily, my “real job” at the time was fairly flexible, so I negotiated a day off every 2 weeks so that I could do my shift at T’Arts.  Working in there gave me a great insight into what people liked about my work, and the other members too.

This collective has allowed me to grow as an artist in so many ways.  Being an active member of the gallery, and helping with the running of it has also taught me a lot about being in business.

Thank you T’Arts!


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Celebrating 5 years

I realised the other day that I have been running my business for 5 years now, since I went on maternity leave at the end of January 2009.

I am celebrating by sharing my gratitude for 5 businesses/organisations that have changed my life, with 5 giveaways on my Facebook page. Starting Monday 27/1 at 10.00am.

Hope to see you over on my Facebook page.

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A Cup of Tea with Me



Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have just finished the Blog with Me course run by Pip Lincolne, and I am here to have a cup of tea with you.

Well, actually it’s just coffee in this house.  I went through a tea drinking phase a few years ago, but I really do prefer a good cup of coffee.

Here’s some more about me:

What I do on a daily basis: I get up, go for a walk with my dog, come home to find the kids waking up, get them some breakfast and ready for the day.  During nap times I am in my studio either making glass beads or putting jewellery together with those beads.

Favourite things to do: I like going for walks, by myself or with the family.  I like making glass beads!

Favourite place to be: At home!  In my studio to be precise, but anywhere that my family is close by is perfect.

Favourite things to eat/drink: We have just started making our own sushi at home, and loving how simple, healthy and filling that is.  I don’t mind a sparkling white wine every now and then.

Favourite inspirations: Vogue!  Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a Vogue from a different country.  I love seeing what is in fashion, styles and colours.  It is one of the biggest influences in m jewellery design.

Something I want to know more about: photography!  I have started doing an online photography course, and I am absolutely loving picking up my DSLR camera and taking photos.  I’m enjoying the complexity of composition and light, and can’t wait to learn more.

Some favourite blogs: I used to enjoy reading Kerry Bogert’s blog, when she was making glass beads full-time, but now she has a “real” job things are a bit quieter over there…

Thanks for stopping by.



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Getting it right

I had to buy some black leather to get this custom order just right, but it was worth it!  The customer is very happy with the necklace, and I have some new material to work with and some new ideas.